Why can't I use my JetDrive Go with iOS 11?

Category : Setup / Operation
The compatibility issue is related to the iOS 11 system. Please run the below update on your PC to solve this issue. 

We suggest using the “Online Recovery” function of the JetDrive Toolbox on a Mac or Windows system for upgrading your firmware to the latest version.
(Notice: Online recovery will erase all data stored on the JetDrive Go, so please make sure you have a backup first. )

For detailed instructions of each step, please see below.

Mac OS:
First, open JetDrive Toolbox. Select “JetDrive Go”.
Then, plug in your JetDrive Go to the USB port on the Mac computer. Select “Online Recovery” to upgrade the firmware to the latest version.

Windows OS:
Open the JetDrive Toolbox, plug in your JetDrive Go to the computer’s USB port, and then select “Online Recovery” to upgrade the firmware of JetDrive Go to the latest version.

After firmware upgrade, please first check that your iOS device is running iOS 11.2.6 or later, and then try re-plugging in the JetDrive Go to your iOS device. 

(Notice: Please also make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet during online recovery.)

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